About US 
JUST FOR YOU is a business that is geared towards the incarcerated and their families. Many people have experienced the difficulties of having a loved one in the prison system knowing how hard it is to be there 100% for them and also living your daily life, we here at Just For You, are here to support you. The term “doing time on the outside” is a severe understatement.

JUST FOR YOU has been created to take some of that pressure off of you and your loved ones. We are committed to becoming your personal shopper, to be there when you need a reliable out source for shopping. Our catalog is geared towards the incarcerated individuals needs who would like to order items for themselves. The website is geared towards families who want to send a package to their loved ones in the State and Federal prison system.

Contact Us!
Call: 1-855-JST-4YOU(578.4968)
Email: Info@packagesjust4you.com

As we continue to update our website we are looking forward to adding more food items, personal care items, books, magazines and gifts to help improve your loved ones morale, mental health and quality of life during their stay. Your input and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact us at info@packagesjust4you.com with any suggestions, questions and/or comments.